5K Fun Run Benefiting Toys for Tots

5K Fun Run Benefiting Toys for Tots   You may know Juan. He’s one of our licensed agents here at the office. Juan signed up for a 5k fun run on November 22nd to benefit the TOYS FOR TOTS orginization. Juan has a big heart and likes to give back to our community. Thank you […]

Rocky Point News

Rocky Point News The long hot Summer is over and we’re getting geared up for a wonderful fun filled season in Rocky Point (Pto Penasco). This is the absolute best time of the year to plan your Rocky Point vacation and lots of exciting events are planned in the next few months. Popular shows and […]

How to Save Money on Business Insurance

Here are Five Ways to Save Money on Business Insurance: Shop around. Prices vary from company to company, so it pays to shop around. Let Budget Insurance do the shopping for you! We represent a multitude of companies who specialize in your type of Tucson business. Our insurance professionals can compare prices and recommend the […]

Put Renters Insurance on Your Back to School List

Put Renters Insurance on Your Back to School List   When students head off to college, they take a little piece of their parents’ hearts with them. They also take a lot of stuff. In tow is some pretty expensive gear, including laptops, iPods, cell phones, and anything and everything they can cram into a […]

Car lost to Mexican officials for lack of permit

Car lost to Mexican officials for lack of permit   SIERRA VISTA — A local man wants to warn people who plan to drive in Mexico that they need to research the laws in Mexico before they travel, or the consequences could be severe. On June 2, Ramon Mena, 63, of Sierra Vista, was driving to […]

Did You Know? – Mexico Gave Chocolate To The World

Did You Know? – Mexico Gave Chocolate To The World   Shortly after arriving at Tenochtitlán in the fall of 1519, Hernán Cortés and the Spanish conquistadores were granted an audience with Moctezuma at his breakfast table. They found the Aztec ruler sipping an exotic drink called xocóatl (meaning bitter water). Made from ground cacao […]

Summer Driving Tips

Summer Driving Tips   The experts are guessing about what will be happening on our nation’s roads this summer. Gas prices have stabilized, and appear to be on a slight decline as the season officially approaches. At the same time, airline ticket prices are on the rise. The confluence of these two events should point […]

Home Security Tips

Securing Your Home Against Burglary   Burglars won’t find your home an “easy mark” if they are forced to work in the light, if they have to take a lot of time breaking in, or if they can’t break in without making a lot of noise. Research shows that if it takes more than four […]

What Is Insurance And How Does It Work?

How Insurance Works   Insurance is something you purchase to protect yourself from unexpected losses you can’t afford: the accident you hope you never get into, the fire you pray never destroys your home, the hailstorm you know sooner or later is bound to batter your roof, the lawsuit that threatens to wipe out your […]