SkyMed is an essential service for anyone who travels more than 100 air miles from home. If, during your travels, you become critically ill or injured, SkyMed will return you home by air ambulance. Depending on the options you select, SkyMed will return your family, your vehicle, your pets, and other belongings!

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SkyMedTAKES YOU HOME memberships are available in Short Term and Annual memberships. Short Term memberships are from 4 to 14 days–perfect for vacation travelers and timeshare owners. Annual memberships are for 1 year, 3 years, and 5 years–perfect for frequent travelers and RV owners. Click on the plan above to enroll for a membership that’s best for you!

Protect Your Family or Your Own Travels in North America, Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, the Bahamas and the Caribbean for as few as four days or as many as five years. SkyMed welcomes renewals on annual plans.

SkyMed International, Inc. is an authorized Indirect Air Carrier (IAC) utilizing the services of licensed Part 135 air carriers to meet your air ambulance transportation needs. SkyMed International, Inc. does not own, lease or operate any aircraft, and has no affiliation with any direct air carrier. As an IAC, SkyMed International, Inc. contracts for the provision of air transportation services in its own name and coordinates the provision of medical services for your flight. All flights are operated by licensed direct air carriers.

SkyMed Membership provides:

  • Hospital-to-Hospital Emergency Air Transport
  • Transportation for Recuperation Nearer Home
  • Commercial Carrier Medical Escort Flights
  • Escort Transportation
  • Minor Children / Grandchildren Return
  • Vehicle Return
  • Visitor Transportation
  • Return Transportation After Recovery
  • Incidental Expense Allowance
  • Organ Retrieval
  • Organ Recipient Transportation
  • Physical Remains Return

Five Additional Travel Options:

  • Helicopter Return Option
  • SkyMed Plus World Wide Assistance Option
  • Primary Driver Disability Option
  • Ground Ambulance
  • 100 Mile Waiver

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