San Ysidro Port of Entry Closed: September 23, 2017 – September 25, 2017

Starting Saturday, September 23, 2017, at 3 am and continuing through 12 pm Monday, September 25, all southbound lanes of I-5 and I-805 will be closed to traffic south of the SR-905. Vehicular access into Mexico through the San Ysidro Land Port of Entry to the El Chaparral will be closed for 57 hours.

For vehicles wanting to enter Mexico during this time, a detour to the Otay Land Port of Entry will be in place. Northbound travelers, (pedestrian and vehicular) crossing the border from Mexico and southbound pedestrians crossing the border into Mexico will be unaffected. Follow signage at the port of entry, be alert to changes, and allow extra time to reach your destination. During this phase of construction, a portion of southbound Interstate 5 (I-5) will be realigned and expanded into the Mexico El Chaparral Port of Entry, it is estimated to have at least three lanes going into Mexico for at least 3 months. US authorities are looking to extend one more lane as of the last Wednesday in November, so it can operate with four lanes from that date through to June 2019, the estimated date to complete construction.

For the latest information, follow @US_GSAR9 on Twitter.

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Why Do I Need Mexico Auto Insurance?
Mexico does not recognize foreign insurance, and you will need financial proof in case of an accident. Mexican authorities require liability coverage issued by a Mexican Insurance Company. U.S. and Canadian insurance do not cover your vehicle from physical damage or theft while in Mexico.


What coverage is available?

Visit our Coverage Information page for more information on coverages and services that come with your Mexico Insurance purchase.

Do I need to buy Mexico Auto Insurance even if my domestic coverage has a Mexico coverage endorsement?
Many US insurance companies in the Border States with Mexico extend coverage into Mexico for a certain number of miles from the border. Be aware that this coverage is restricted to the number of times you cross into Mexico, and only covers damages to your vehicle not third party liability. So YES, even if you have an endorsement for extended coverage to Mexico, you should buy third party liability, the minimum coverage required by authorities in case of an accident. It is important that you purchase your Mexican insurance prior to entering Mexico.

How Do I Purchase Mexico Auto Insurance?
Purchasing Mexico Auto Insurance is very easy with Sanborn's. You can go directly to our quote page. Simply quote and purchase. You will soon be on your way to driving in Mexico. You can also reach us at 1-800-273-8508 (8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. AZ time), and have one of our friendly customer service representatives give you a quote and connect you with one of our agents to purchase over the telephone or click here to find a location near you.

What Information Do I Need to Get a Quote?
Whether you are requesting a quote online or by phone, 1-800-273-8508 (8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. AZ time), you should have the following items handy to make the quoting process easier, the number of days you plan to stay in Mexico, year, make and model of your vehicle well as its value.

What Other Information Do I Need to Buy a Mexico Auto Insurance Policy?
To purchase your Mexico auto insurance policy online or by phone, 1-800-273-8508 (8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. AZ time), you will need to have the following items available to purchase your policy:

1) Drivers license

2) Registration

3) Current insurance card

Can a Mexican Resident Drive My U.S. Plated Vehicle?
For insurance purposes, your vehicle will be covered as specified on your policy as long as it is driven by someone with a valid driver license. The insurance coverage is valid as specified on your policy regardless of whether that person has a U.S. or Mexico driver license. However, Mexican law prohibits the use of any U.S./Canadian plated vehicle by a Mexican resident. If your vehicle is involved in an accident or pulled over by police while being driven by a Mexican resident, the vehicle can be impounded. Your insurance does not cover any costs involved in recovering your vehicle should this happen.

What documents do I need in order to travel?
Visit our Travel Page for more travel info including information on Sonora Only, Passports, Passport Cards and expedited Passport information.


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