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What Does Mexico Insurance Cover?


Sanborn's Insurance knows that your peace of mind is what's most important to you and your family when you're out on the roads of Mexico. Sanborn's is the oldest and one of the largest Mexico insurance providers in the U.S., and we've been dedicated to providing you with the best and most reliable Mexico auto insurance for nearly 60 years.


Why buy Mexico Insurance? Most tourists ask, "Why do I need to Purchase Mexico Insurance?" And the answer is simple...because your U.S. insurance is not valid within the country of Mexico. Mexico law requires that you purchase insurance through a Mexico company. Sanborn's is an authorized agent who sells this insurance in the U.S.

Some U.S. insurance companies offer insurance coverage in Mexico. However, the coverage is only for a short distance from the U.S. border (typically 25 miles) and for "infrequent" trips. It is very important to know that Mexico authorities do not recognize "foreign" insurance. So even if you're U.S. carrier says that you're covered, this will only be for your vehicle. Any damage to other people or their property will not be covered.

What do we offer?
Sanborn's offers a variety of coverages to make sure that you and your vehicle will be taken care of in the event of an accident.

Physical Damage

Material damages to the insured vehicle as a result of collision, overturning or glass breakage are covered subject to the deductible. Towing expenses are covered in order to move the vehicle to a place designated by the company for repairs, including to the U.S. This coverage protects your vehicle for the lesser of its ACV or amount stated on your policy.

Total Theft

This coverage protects your vehicle for the lesser of its ACV or amount stated on your policy for total theft, fire, lightning, explosion, and certain natural phenomenon. Partial theft and acts of vandalism are excluded. Towing expenses are covered in order to move the vehicle to a place designated by the company for repairs, including to the U.S.


Protects the liability of the insured, or any other person with a valid driver license driving the vehicle, against bodily injury and property damage to parties other than the insured and occupants of the insured vehicle, resulting from the use of the insured vehicle. No deductible applies. Since your U.S./Canadian insurance is not valid in Mexico, this fulfills your "proof of financial responsibility" as required under Mexico law. Insurance coverage is available up to $500,000 U.S. Combined Single Limit for damages incurred to others.

Medical Payments

Pays medical expenses for the driver and occupants of the vehicle for injuries sustained in the event of a covered loss. Insurance coverage is available up to $20,000 for each injured occupant but not more than $100,000 for all occupants combined.

Legal Assistance/Bailbond

A professional attorney is appointed by the Company for legal assistance and representation before authorities as a result of a traffic accident through the conclusion of the case. The client must contact the Company immediately to have an attorney assigned. A bond will be posted up to a maximum which matches your liability limit on your policy.

Roadside Assistance

Receive benefits such as: gas if the vehicle runs out, jump start of a dead battery, assistance changing a tire and/or getting it repaired in case of flat, medical referrals and more. In case of breakdown, towing is available to the closest repair shop up to a maximum of $250. The driver or a representative must accompany the vehicle to the repair shop.

GAP Coverage

GAP coverage will make sure that the full amount due to your lienholder/leasing company is paid in the event of the total loss of your vehicle while in Mexico even if your vehicle's actual cash value (ACV) is less than the amount you owe. If you do not have GAP coverage, the insurance company will only pay the ACV of your vehicle regardless of what you owe. Interest and other charges are not covered. Please read the endorsement on your policy for complete details.

Premiere Coverage

Provides additional coverage for vandalism and partial theft that is not included in standard coverage. Vandalism coverage is subject to a $500 deductible and partial theft has a maximum coverage of $3,000 with a $1,000 deductible. For partial theft coverage, all equipment and parts must be originally installed by the manufacturer or an authorized manufacturer dealer. Proof of equipment and parts installed is required. Coverage is not available for motorhomes/RV’s. Please read the endorsement on your policy for complete details.

Fixed Deductibles

Available upon the request of your lienholder. Deductible for Physical Damage is $500 and for Total Theft/Fire, it is $1,000.

Coverage Area All of Mexico – All of our daily policies and most of our long term policies provide coverage for your vehicle throughout the country of Mexico.

Sonora Only A special discount applies to these 6 month and annual policies that provide coverage for your vehicle only in the state of Sonora, Mexico.

Terms of coverage:

  • Daily
  • Six Months
  • Annual

What's Included? Free map of Mexico with all policies, plus:

With all online purchases:

    • Border Travelog and/or crossing instructions with map of border town.

Travelog Special

    - A short Travelog covering some of the most popular destinations close to the border.

With Sombrero Club membership and/or purchase of long term policy:

    • Sanborn’s mini atlas of Mexico – our gift to welcome you to the Club


    • – mailed or emailed quarterly.


    – two free mile by mile logs of a specific area of Mexico.

Claims Service

  • Repaired in the U.S.
  • Mechanic of your choice
  • No limit on labor fees
  • Toll free claims number
  • Paid in U.S. dollars from a U.S. bank

Not all Mexico insurance companies settle their auto insurance claims in the U.S., but Sanborn's does, which means if you have an accident in Mexico, you always have the option to have your vehicle repaired in the U.S. by a mechanic of your choice. For your convenience, there are bilingual insurance adjusters throughout Mexico to help ease the claim reporting process. Plus we provide you with a toll free number that you can call from the U.S. or Mexico to report & follow up on your claim.

Frequently Asked Questions - For your convenience, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to better serve you.

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