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Headed to Mexico? You’ll need a Passport and Here’s How to Get It:

If you’re headed to Mexico you’ll need a Passport or Passport card to get back into the U.S. so don’t delay. We’ve created this page to assist you in obtaining the documents you’ll need so you can get on your way and make a run for the border.

Need a Passport in a hurry?

Not to worry, the information you’re looking for can be found below. No matter if you need a passport in 24 hours or 6 weeks, you can find out how, right here. Thanks for visiting our site!

Passport Information

Travel by Land and Sea
• US and Canadian citizens aged 16 and over who are entering the United States from Mexico, Canada or the Caribbean by land or sea are required to show a passport or alternative WHTI-compliant document such as a passport card.
• Children up to the age of 15 may present proof of citizenship alone, such as a birth certificate, a consular report of birth abroad, a naturalization certificate, or a Canadian citizenship card.
Passport & Passport Card Information: How to apply for your passport, where to apply, cost and other passport related information.
Passport Application (new applications only):
Online Passport/Passport Card Application
Printable Passport/Passport Card Application
Renewal Passport Application:
Renewal Passport/Passport Card Application

Need a Passport or Passport Card in a hurry?

Schedule an appointment with Tucson’s Western Passport Agency and get your Passport or Passport Card in 24 hours. (Proof of travel is required. Your Sanborn’s Mexico Insurance policy is an acceptable proof of travel document.)
Western Passport Agency Automated Appointment Number (Available 24 hours/7 days): 1-877-487-2778