Mexico Insurance: Is The Cheapest Policy The Best Policy?

On occasion customers tells us they can purchase Mexico Auto Insurance at the border for as little as $15! Sounds like a great deal for a cheap policy, right? Maybe not.  Read on…

Many Mexico Insurance companies have a stipulation in their policy that “repairs will be adjusted to the customary cost within the Mexican border zone, without exceeding a rate of US $34 per hour” Considering the average cost in Tucson for accident repairs is $60 an hour, this type of policy leaves a $26 an hour gap in coverage that the policyholder would be responsible to pay, unless they decide to have their vehicle repaired in Mexico.   This gap in coverage can add up to a lot of out of pocket expense, depending on the extent of the repairs.  With that said, is this worth saving a few bucks on the upfront cost of a cheap policy? Probably not!

Sanborn’s Mexico Insurance does not stipulate a per hour cost for vehicle repairs. Additionally, we prefer to have repairs made in the U.S. and therefore it is our goal to deliver your vehicle back to the United States before the repairs begin. This is one of the many benefits that Sanborn’s provides.

For more information on our policy benefits, or to inquire about a quote, please contact one of our Arizona offices to speak with one of our knowledgeable insurance professionals.

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